City of
A brand that lives
its charms.

Visual Identity Design.
Year 2018.


Epimedia Estudio.


Tagline, Logo, Brand Universe.


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The city of Corrientes, based on a new management, established as a state policy the development of tourism as an opportunity for growth through a brand identity that lasts over time.


The city of Corrientes offers a wide range of tourist potentials, based on its History, Religious Faith, Culture and Passions such as Carnival and Chamamé.

The challenge carried out proposed to transcend the attributes to communicate them under a single idea, that the city is alive all year round.


Starting from the conception of emotions (and of positive life throughout the year), the idea aims to reflect the happiness, joy and passion that the city awakens and that is why we worked on a proposal that is easy to associate and that somehow allow to hide the international IATA code that represents the city: CNQ.

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