A brand that connects the world.

Minimun Viable Brand - Year 2020.


Epimedia Estudio.


Tagline, Logo, Brand Universe.


Two companies that come from the telecommunications sector come together to deploy optical fiber bringing internet to homes in the Argentinas Northeast region.

The brand name is the fusion of two words in English (connect-to) that when read in Spanish maintain the same meaning: "connect to", which represents the mission of your service as a company.


The aim was to design a pregnant brand, easily recognisable without the need to use iconography that literally points to fiber optics. We worked with the concept of the name, hiding within the brand the idea of connecting one point with the other in the letter N.

It is a project worked on the premise of Minimally Viable, that is, on the definition of minimum elements that a brand needs to be considered a brand.

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