The Union makes the industry.

Brand Identity – Year: 2016.


Epimedia Estudio


Logo, Brand Universe, Stationery.


It is a non-profit civil association, representative of the industrial activity of Corrientes, of a federative and sectoral nature. Its Mission is to represent the current industry together with the provincial and sectoral entities, in order to promote the development of the country in its economic - social and territorial dimensions, through the generation of proposals that consistently improve the competitiveness of the sector, technological development and added value, the strengthening of the domestic market and the international insertion of the industry.


A pregnant trademark symbol was proposed, which presents a path that is not always ascending to achieve a common goal and which in turn hides the initials UIC that are reminiscent of the old name of the industrial union of corrientes, which were changed by UICORR to avoid confusion with the peer identity of the province of Córdoba.

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